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As part of our ongoing efforts to promote nature conservation and wildlife watching, Opticron has a number of Conservation Partnership Programmes. The information here shows just a selection of this ever-growing list of programmes.


WDC Shorewatch

WDC Shorewatch is a network of trained volunteers monitoring the presence and absence of whales and dolphins at selected sites around the Scottish coastline, in order to raise awareness and capture vital data crucial to the long term future of these amazing animals.

Opticron supports the Shorewatch programme by supplying subsidised equipment for the volunteers to use.




ORCA is one of Europe’s leading whale & dolphin conservation charities dedicated to studying and protecting whales, dolphins and porpoises in UK and European waters.

Opticron is supporting the organisations team of volunteers with free equipment to help them in their important survey work on ferry routes in the Bay of Biscay, North & Irish Seas and English Channel.







AFON LogoA Focus On Nature

Launched in Summer 2012, A Focus On Nature is a non profit unincorporated association set-up by a small group of people including Opticron staff. It’s tasked with providing a central resource where young people interested in nature and conservation can apply for sponsorship from Corporate Supporters, network and look for projects and work posted by companies and NGO’s involved in the conservation sector.


BTO Logo

The British Trust for Ornithology BTO

Opticron has a long standing working relationship with the BTO both formally through the Trusts Business Partnership Programme and more informally with many of its staff and volunteers who own, use and occasionally break their equipment!

A long standing believer in birdwatchers giving something back to their hobby, we have been actively recruiting new members since 2005 through our Free Membership Scheme as well as supporting individual projects such as the Trusts flagship study: Bird Atlas and the enormously successful Cuckoo Tracking Project.

This year we are committed to supplying Field Recording Kits to new recruits who sign up to the Trust’s Nest Recording Scheme (NRS) that provides vital information on the breeding success of Britain's birds by asking volunteers to find and follow the progress of individual birds' nests.

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Wildlife Trusts LogoThe Wildlife Trusts

Opticron works closely with many regional Trusts to promote our joint interest in wildlife observation and conservation. This support includes;

Trusts we are working with or have provided support to in recent years include;


Great Bustard Group LogoThe Great Bustard Group

The Great Bustard Group (GBG) was set up in 1998 to explore the possibility of reintroducing the Great Bustard to the UK. In 2003, the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs issued a 10-year trial-licence to release Great Bustards in the UK. By using chicks incubated from eggs from destroyed nests in Russia, GBG has successfully reintroduced a number of the birds into its Salisbury Plain site. Together with a local branch of London Camera Exchange, we helped to equip one of their hides with spotting scopes to allow visitors to get a closer look at these huge, magnificent birds.


Butterfly ConservationButterfly Conservation

Opticron is a Corporate Member of Butterfly Conservation to help support their vision of a world rich in butterflies for future generations to enjoy.